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  1. February 2024 Release Notes

    New Feature

    New: Send if only Job Title matches


    LinkedIn and Sales Navigator searches can be anything but perfect.


    When narrowing down an advanced search, LinkedIn often adds leads outside of your search criteria to your list.


    Rather than manually scrubbing the list to remove any unwanted contacts, We-Connect can now target leads based on job titles. Here’s how:


    1. Import a list into We-Connect.
    2. Customize the sequence to your liking.
    3. In the settings tab of the campaign manager, click “send if only Job Titles match.” A text box will appear below where you can enter the job titles you want to target. Any leads without the job title you entered will automatically be skipped by We-Connect.
    4. Start your campaign and watch the leads roll in.




    We hope this update saves you time the next time you import a new list from LinkedIn! If you’d like to submit a feature you’d like to see in We-Connect, head over to the ideas tab.


    Improvements: Filter by action type & syncing to Sales Navigator inbox


    You may have heard that we added a few minor updates to We-Connect.


    Here’s what you can expect next time you open your dashboard:


    Start filtering by action type in the “all activities” section of your dashboard. Get a glimpse of which invites have been accepted, failed to send, and all other campaign-related actions that We-Connect has automated on your behalf.





    We-Connect will now sync to your Sales Navigator inbox. View and respond to messages from Sales Navigator contacts directly inside We-Connect. You can find a LinkedIn premium badge next to contacts imported from Sales Navigator.




    Dark Mode. Putting the finishing touches on a campaign late in the evening? Switch We-Connect from light mode to dark mode.


    Optimized for late-night and early-morning work sessions, you can change We-Connect’s UI from white to gray by clicking the moon icon next to your profile picture. Switch back to light mode by clicking the sun icon on the top right-side of the navbar.




    There are exciting things on the roadmap to come! You can see what we’re working on, as well as submit new ideas directly from our feature idea page.


  2. Snooze: Take Control of Your Messages!

    New Feature

    With Snooze, you can now compose LinkedIn message replies and schedule them for later delivery, just like the Snooze feature in Gmail. Snooze means more flexibility and control over your messaging, helping you stay organized and responsive.





  3. How To Use AI Digest in We-Connect?

    New Feature

    AI Digest helps you understand your prospects in the easiest way possible – with a digestible summary. You can use AI Digest to break down the key takeaways from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile or your conversation with them.


  4. What is BYOIP? How does it work?

    New Feature

    BYOIP means "bring your own IP address".

    We aim to make your experience seamless and secure at We-Connect. BYOIP is a significant step towards achieving this goal and giving you even greater control over your LinkedIn account management.



  5. How to manage your campaign?


    In this video, you will learn how to track the campaign’s progress and edit a campaign.


  6. How to share campaign(s) on We-Connect?

    You can now easily share or export your campaign template (the sequence steps and all campaign settings) with another LinkedIn account in the same plan or to another We-Connect account. This will help your team members, colleagues, or clients save time and quickly set up a similar campaign with their own list.




  7. How to create a smart campaign?

    Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of creating multiple campaigns for different actions! With our newly enhanced “Smart campaign,” you can customize various campaign actions based on specific "if and then" conditions. This means you can seamlessly integrate multiple campaign actions into one, saving time and effort.